Supported Formats

Canon - CRW CR2 full raw files, sRaw not tested (but reported to work).
Pentax- PEF
Olympus - ORF
Nikon - NEF
Panasonic - RW2
Sony - ARW
Panasonic - RAW Some newer cameras produce these files with an embedded jpg.
Minolta - MRW
Fuji - RAF partial support, can view image but not exif data.

Not Supported:
DNG - partial support:
* Pentax generated DNGs, can extract embedded jpg.
* Leica M9 -Partial support, no embedded jpg to preview, just low quality tiny thumbnail.
* Others - Unknown. Please try and let me know how you get on.
RAW - old Panasonic raw files, no embedded jpg to preview.
TIF - No plans to support.

If you have raw photo files that can't be processed, email me a couple and I will try to add support for them in the app. Please contact me if you are having problems rather than just giving my app a 1 star rating. I can't help you if you don't get in touch.