Android Photo Backup (APB)

Q1. Can I connect a "insert camera name here" to my phone/table "insert name here" ?
A1. Yes if the following requirements are met:
  • Android Photo Backup only supports "USB Storage" type devices, so will work with external hard drives, usb drives, and cameras that support a "USB Storage" mode.
  • Your device supports USB host. Most phones don't,  many tablets do.

Q2. My camera only supports MTP/PTP transfer mode, can I use it with Android Photo Backup ?
A2. No, not directly. What you can do is use a card reader with your phone/tablet to transfer the images.

Q3. Can I use some sort of "gender bender" usb connection to join my camera lead to my tablet lead ?
A3. Probably not, assuming your tablet supports "USB Host" you will need to get the proper adapter.

Q4. What is "USB Host" ?
A4. USB Host allows you to connect usb client devices to your computer/tablet/phone.

Q5. What is a usb client device ?
A5. It varies, but could be something simple like a usb storage device, or a DSLR.

Q6. What is "USB Storage mode" ?
A6. The proper name is "USB Mass Storage", and is used by usb drives etc.

Q7. What is MTP/PTP mode ?
A8. MTP - Media Transfer Protocol is a extended version of PTP - Picture Transfer Protocol.  This is a more advanced way of transferring data from a device to a computer, but isn't as widely supported as  "USB Mass Storage"

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