Android Photo Review

DescriptionAndroid app on Google Play

View, rate and label your photos ready for importing into Adobe Lightroom 3/4 and Photoshop Elements. Supports most RAW formats.

Rate images from your DSLR on your tablet or phone.

The rating information is saved with the image, and is automatically applied to the image when it is imported into Lightroom/Photoshop Elements.

If you have problems, please contact me and I will work with you to try and fix any problems that you are having.

Save time by rating your raw photos on site during the shoot, and then import the photos with ratings into Lightroom when you get back to the office.

New Feature:

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View images.
View Exif information.
Rate images.
Label Images (Colours - Red/Yellow/Green/Blue/Purple).
Keyboard shortcuts for viewing, rating and labelling.
Email support from preferences screen for help.

Note: Viewing large images will be scaled down to approx 3000 x 2000 due to memory constraints.

Supported formats for viewing:
For a list of compatible RAW files see Supported Formats

If you have raw photo files that can't be processed, email me a couple and I will try to add support for them in the app. Please contact me if you are having problems rather than just giving my app a 1 star rating. I can't help you if you don't get in touch.

Getting started:
Use the "Config" button (Hammer and Spanner) to configure select the folder with the images you want to view/rate.

The folder needs to be writeable, and should be under "/mnt", "/sdcard" "/removable" or start with "/usb".

File Browser - When selecting source folder:
• Tap folders to enter them.
• Tap image files to view.
• Tap parent directory or the back button to move up the directory tree.
• Press and hold for a context menu to select folder, cancel a selection or exit file browser.
• Exit without making a selection by:
1. Selecting "Exit File Browser" on context menu
2. Keep pressing the back button to exit
3. Long press of back button

Image Preview:
Photos in the source folder are displayed on the main screen.
• The main photo can be changed by dragging the gallery control (looks a bit like a film strip) or by swiping left/right.
• Tap image to view full screen.

Raw Photo Viewer:
• Fling left/right to change image (or <> keys)
• Drag to move ( or cursor keys)
• Pinch to zoom (or +- keys)

• Tap or drag on stars to select rating from 0 to 5.
• Keys 0-5 to set rating.

• Select colour label from drop down list.
• Keys 6-9 to pick colour. No shortcut for purple.