Backup With a Preview Instructions

Backing Up Your Photos 'with' a Preview Image

You can also extract preview images during the backup, so that they will show up in the gallery and can be viewed with your favourite image viewer.



2.If the 'Getting Started' text is displayed Press the "OK" or "Dismiss" button.

“Ok” hides the help text until the application is relaunched or the device is rotated.

“Dismiss” disables the help text, but can be re-enabled in the settings menu.


3. Press the "Config" button


On the preference config screen:

4. Tap "Backup Mode" option

(Note in this screen shot 'Previews' is currently disabled)


5. Select "Backup with Previews"

If you have not set up your 'Source' and 'Destination folders at this point, follow steps 6 to 13 in the BACKING UP YOUR PHOTOS instructions first.

 14. Tap on "Previews" preference item

(Note in this screen shot 'Previews' is now enabled)

15. Tap "Preview Folder” On the preference config screen

16. In the file browser, browse to the folder where you want to store preview images.
We are using "/mnt/sdcard/external_sd/Preview" to store  the preview images.

17. Press and hold on the "." Current Directory item

18.  Press "Select ' . ' "


19. Tap "Preview Size"

20. Select the size you want

 Now press the device back button to return to the main application screen

You should now see some images in the filmstrip, and a preview image.
The status information should say "Backup photo's and extract preview images"

Pressing the "Backup with Previews" button should now copy all the files from your source folder into your destination folder. It will put them in a folder called "APBCopy"